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The ms Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) team can help. Our UAS technology, also known as a drone, provides a better view of your project and site. These normally difficult-to-obtain views are performed with ease by our in-house UAS team.


ms has multiple FAA-licensed remote pilots on-staff. These pilots understand the federal regulations, airspace restrictions, and procedures necessary for safe and legal UAS practices.


Whether it’s assessing the existing environment or offering a fly-through of an existing structure, the ms UAS team brings a new perspective to your project.


  • Architecture
  • As-built Videos
  • Building Design
  • Environmental Assessments
  • Inspections
  • Master Planning
  • Streams
  • Volume Calculations

On the Leading Edge of Technology

Technology is constantly changing the way we work and live. By combining the latest technology with our already comprehensive services, ms consultants focuses on successful and thoughtful client delivery and satisfaction. Some of our other technologies includes virtual reality, unmanned aircraft systems, building information modeling (BIM), and the latest traffic planning software. We continually expand our technologies to provide enhanced service, new innovations, and efficient project delivery. From walking through an unbuilt building prototype to surveying treacherous terrain, and everything in between, ms has you covered.

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