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Arlington Ridge Marketplace

Arlington Ridge Marketplace

Arlington Ridge Marketplace


A 22-acre commercial development site presented topography challenges due to elevation drop and a wooded ravine.

Services Involved

  • Permitting
  • Site Civil Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Land Redevelopment

Arlington Ridge Marketplace Redevelopment

As the civil engineer, ms consultants provided site-civil, structural, and permitting services to redevelop the Arlington Ridge Marketplace commercial site. The site features a 230,000-square-foot commercial center with Target as its anchor store.


With a severe drop in elevation from the southeast corner to the northwest, and the parking lot’s proximity to a wooded ravine, this site needed special consideration for safety and longevity. To address these issues, ms incorporated retaining walls on all sides of the parking lot to hold soil in place that would otherwise move onto the lot. ms provided a complete redevelopment plan, including Target site improvement plans, and retaining wall design documents. Throughout the redevelopment, ms coordinated between several entities, including the City of Green, Summit County, and Target Corporate staff, due to the site location.

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