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Old tank under municipal building set for removal

ms consultants, inc.

November 21, 2019

DANVILLE — Freedom Desich, interim village administrator, reported to Danville Village Council Monday that a tank under the front sidewalk of the municipal building is scheduled to be removed Nov. 25 around 8-8:30 a.m.


The tank is an old gas tank from a gas station that inhabited the municipal building property and is believe to have been the cause for much of the recent odor issues. Removal of the tank is being carried out by a licensed professional and the building will be closed to the public.


The council also heard from MS Consultants, an engineering, architecture, planning and environmental consulting rm. MS Consultants have been working with local business owners and citizens of Danville, known as the steering committee, over the past year to help gure out an action plan to help improve the village and bring in more businesses. MS Consultants is working with village council to access grant funds that can go through the village to the nonprot to help with improvements for the village. One such improvement that has been talked about is connecting the two bike trails in Danville. The board gave rst reading to ordinance 2019-18 in regard to temporary appropriations for 2020, ordinance 2019-9 for wages and salaries for 2020, resolution 2019-16 for membership and representatives for regional planning 2020, and resolution 2019-17 to accept the recommendations of the steering committee to move forward with MS Consultants’ action plan.


Originally published by Mount Vernon News.