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ms conducting water and sewer rate studies

Trumbull County hires ms consultants to conduct water and sewer rate studies

ms consultants, inc.

December 8, 2016

Trumbull County commissioners have approved hiring MS Consultants of Youngstown to conduct rate studies for most of the county’s water districts and one of its two sanitary-sewer districts.


The studies will be done for six of the seven water districts: Champion/Bazetta, Mineral Ridge, Southeast, Howland, Mosquito Creek and Warren Township. The cost of the studies will be $7,052 for all but Southeast, which is $14,800, said the county sanitary engineer’s office, which runs the county’s water and sewer systems.


MS also will study the Metropolitan Sanitary Sewer District at a cost of $10,200. The total for all of the studies is $60,260.


The purpose of a rate study is to determine whether the current rates being charged are sufficient to keep the funds operating without a deficit. If not, the sanitary engineer’s office will ask the county commissioners to authorize a rate increase.


Scott Verner, assistant county sanitary engineer, said MS is the best company to conduct the studies because it did the studies the last time the districts were evaluated. MS is familiar with the districts “and how they operate,” Verner said.


MS also offered the best price, Verner said.


The last price increase for the Southeast water district was in 2011, and it came as a result of a water-rate increase from the bulk-water supplier in that area, Verner said.The Champion/Bazetta, Mineral Ridge, Mosquito Creek and Warren Township water districts had rate increases in 2010 that lasted five years.


The Metropolitan Sanitary Sewer District had a rate increase in 2009 that lasted five years, Verner said.In other business Wednesday, the commissioners authorized applications for $621,000 from the Ohio Public Works Commission for reconstruction of Dietz Road in the Golden Triangle area of Howland Township.


The $900,000 project will widen and pave the road, install waterline and storm-sewer upgrades and street-lighting upgrades.


Originally published by the Youngstown Vindicator