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MS Consultants to design renovation of Mauthe Bridge

ms consultants, inc.

January 23, 2019

Staff report


The Poland Municipal Forest Board accepted a proposal from MS Consultants to design the renovation of the Mauthe Bridge at its Tuesday meeting.


The Youngstown engineering, architecture and planning firm evaluated the bridge and determined its steel towers and anchorage points could be reused. The decking and cabling, however, must be replaced.


In its evaluation, which cost village council $1,300, MS Consultants also found the paint on the bridge tested positive for lead.


The design will cost $15,000. The agreement is contingent upon funding and board approval of a contract with the firm.


“Is it a lot of money? Yes. Is it the right kind of number? Probably so,” said board member Mark Thompson.


The board plans to request funding from council and the Poland Forest Foundation.


The Mauthe Bridge repair would make a good fundraising platform for the foundation, said board chairwoman Elinor Zedaker, “I wouldn’t speak for the board, but we’ve been waiting for what the issue is to raise money on,” said foundation board member Robert Zedaker, Elinor’s son.


The bridge was closed July 27 after MS Consultants’ original review.


Elinor Zedaker said she has been in contact with the Mauthe family to ensure that their input is considered for the renovation.


Originally published by The Vindicator