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Girard Bridge Closure

Girard closes bridge over Squaw Creek

ms consultants, inc.

January 7, 2015

Many people living in an upscale Girard neighborhood will have to take a detour to get to, and from home.


The city announced late Wednesday afternoon that the Glendale Avenue Bridge, over Squaw Creek, will be closed indefinitely beginning Thursday morning.


Mayor James Melfi told 21 News the city has been monitoring the bridge for years and that a recent study by M.S. Consultants determined it's no longer safe to travel because the structure is rapidly deteriorating.


The bridge connects two neighborhood developments, Squaw Creek and Seneca Woods, with Route 422. There are two other access points for people living in the area, which the mayor estimates is about 1,000 people.


Schools and safety officials have been made aware of the closure.


"We understand the inconvenience but, the safety of our citizens is most important and so that's why we have to take this measure," said Melfi.


There is no time frame of when the city will complete permanent repairs to the bridge. The city is studying the possibility of making temporary repairs that would only permit car traffic over the bridge, but the mayor said the repairs would have to be cost effective.


"Even if we are able to do a temporary fix to have at least automobile traffic, truck traffic will no longer go over that structure. They will be shut out until a new structure is in place," explained Melfi.


City officials said they have made the Ohio Department of Transportation aware of the problem and they are in the process of exploring funding options.


"There is funding out there for bridges. It takes some time, it's not a cheap proposition. It will be an expensive structure to place over Squaw Creek," said Melfi.


Originally published by WFMJ and written by Danielle Cotterman, Reporter. Original article can be found here.