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Storage Facility Approved

Five-Story Brewery District Storage Facility Approved

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March 30, 2016

Brexton LLC is moving forward with plans to build a five-story storage facility in the Brewery District after receiving approval from the neighborhood’s architectural review commission earlier this month.


The building will offer six floors of storage (one underground) at the southeast corner of Liberty and Short streets.


Joseph Beatty Jr., Vice President of Real Estate at Brexton, said that they are hoping to have the facility completed and ready for business by the spring of 2017. Meanwhile, construction is close to wrapping up on Brexton’s six-story storage facility at the corner of Long and Young streets downtown, with a grand opening scheduled for May 7th.


Beatty said that the target market for both facilities is likely to be a combination of businesses and residents of the area, particularly those living in apartments and condos which don’t often offer much in the way of storage.


“In these new projects you’re paying pretty much for all livable space,” he said. “If you’re lucky you’ll have a cage in the basement.”


The new facilities will be well-lit, with security cameras on every floor. A passcode or key fob will be needed to access individual floors.


“Ours is a high-end, safe experience,” said Beatty. ”We provide a good service, and hope to change the name of self-storage in general.”


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Originally published by Columbus Underground and written by Brent Warren. Original article can be found here.