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Discover Engineers Week 2018: Inspiring Wonder

Maggie Kearns Francis

February 12, 2018

Each year DiscoverE dedicates an entire week to celebrate and spread awareness about engineering; how engineers make a difference around the world, increase the awareness of the need for engineers, and bringing engineering to life for kids, teachers, and parents.


This year’s theme for Engineers Week is Inspiring Wonder. This theme was selected to recognize the engineers who create awe-inspiring wonders like autonomous vehicles and space travel. DiscoverE encourages celebrating and wondering about what the next great innovation may be. Engineers Week is a time to think about how some great innovations like electric lights, computers, and cars have changed and impacted our daily lives!


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Harrisburg, Pennsylvania


Columbus, Ohio


Cleveland, Ohio


Akron, Ohio


Youngstown, Ohio


Indianapolis, Indiana


Raleigh, North Carolina


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