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Andy Warhol Bridge, Pittsburgh, PA

A Bridge Gets Yarn Bombed

Monica Mosure

August 13, 2013

We are always talking about the importance of infrastructure: how it can shape communities, improve safety, and foster economic growth.


Some great minds in Pittsburgh are also proving that infrastructure can be used to help bring communities together through the installation of the nation’s largest yarn bomb.


The project, called Knit the Bridge, is currently on display on the Andy Warhol Bridge. The project is a 580 multi-colored blanket fiberart installation that covers the bridge’s pedestrian walkway. The project is produced by the Fiberarts Guild of Pittsburgh in partnership with the Pittsburgh Center for the arts, but also involves 1,847 volunteers from 80 Pittsburgh neighborhoods and 120 Allegheny townships, not to mention 108 partnering organizations.


According to Pittsburgh Magazine, the used blankets will be cleaned and donated to various shelters once the installation is complete. The knitted bridge will be on display until September 6, 2013. So if you are in the area, make sure to go take a look!


To learn more about the Knit the Bridge project, visit their website here.