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2012 Engineer for a Day

Monica Mosure

February 17, 2012

We can hardly wait for the upcoming Engineer for a Day this Wednesday, February 22!  This year, we are welcoming high school students from various central Ohio schools, including the Columbus School for Girls, Hilliard Darby High School, Dublin Coffman High School and Brookhaven High School.


Students are visiting our Columbus office already interested in various types of engineering specialties, including mechanical, electrical and chemical engineering. This year, we are also welcoming a student who has an interest in architectural design. The day-long program will provide these students with the opportunity to learn more about the engineering and architectural professions, in addition to learning more about different types of disciplines within the professions. Throughout the day, students will have a chance to shadow ms staff, including environmental engineers, transportation engineers, landscape architects and architects.


ms consultants welcomes these students during National Engineers Week, which runs February 19-25. The National Engineers Week’s theme this year is focused on estimated world population and the need for engineering solutions to solve world challenges: “7 billion people. 7 billion dreams. 7 billion chances for engineers to turn dreams into reality.” The National Engineers Week Foundation delivers programs and resources to partners of the program locally to help the next generation of talent overcome upcoming world challenges.


To learn more about National Engineers Week or the National Engineers Week Foundation, visit the National Engineers Week Foundation’s website.


If interested in learning more about ms consultants’ Engineer for a Day program, please e-mail